Thursday, February 23, 2017

The cost of being wrong

What is the cost of being wrong? Since January things as we knew them for the past few years started changing.  Today as I took my stroll at lunch, I pondered.  Many of the things that are meant to protect us as people are now being thrown to the wayside.  In my eyes these things made sense. They are things important to our climate.  Things important to our way of life.  Things to make sure we are not exploited for financial gain.  Things that overall are meant to protect the little guy.  I am trying really hard not make this political.  Anyone who follows the news knows what I am talking about.  So I ponder;  they say, things will be better when they're gone.  But I don't really feel comfortable with that.  There was a good reason for them in the first place, right?  Now I wonder what will be the cost of not having them?  Will I really be affected? Or will it be for some future generation to worry about?  It is very troubling what is happening lately.  Thinking about it is very depressing.  Avoiding it, I feel guilty.  Not saying anything makes me feel even worse.  I believe the cost will be painful but I know it will not be permanent.

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